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I think its just ugly  and over priced for etched in signitures

I agree.  It's just "too much of a good thing."  If the guitar just had four large clear Beatles signatures, it would probably be well in excess of $100K.

It would be well in excess of $500,000. 

Steve, doesn't this work like the greater value and desirability of a Gehrig/Ruth baseball vs the value of a ball signed by Gehrig, Ruth, and a bunch of other ball-players, be it as it may even if they're superstars? Wouldn't a guitar signed by only the 4 Beatles have a value that transcends one signed by the Beatles and others?

"Signatures" are so faded and unclear -- they had to post a "roadmap" so you could tell who signed where. Not something I'd want to own in my collection for that price. 

It certainly lacks the eye appeal and "wow!" factors, to be kind.

Meeting all those artist and having them sign a guitar that looks like he found on the side of the road! Let's see what it brings on the block.

What did this guitar bring???

to much 

41.600 pounds , let's see the other The Beatles guitar sell at rr

A lot of guitars can crack because of their enviroment humidy etc. It's not a choice is buy signed guitars


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