Rules - under construction. Suggestions welcome. In no order:

New members must be active and wait 2 months before buying or selling.

Be sure to state your return policy - 6 months for any reason is acceptable.

Be sure to state PP payment accepted only without using Friends and Family.

Please await some opinions from our members.

Be sure to show large images of front and back.

Please describe the condition of the item.

Are you the original owner? Make sure the buyer understands if your certificate is non-transferable.

Please refrain from selling items from recently deceased signers.

Any certificates must be shown.

Quick Opinions/Pre-certs may not be used to assist a sale.

Thank you.


If everyone adheres to these rules the BST Forum will reopen.

NOTE: All transactions are between buyer and seller - Autograph Live is not involved in any way beyond setting the rules noted to protect our members.

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i like all except dead people rule

let the buyer decide also if he doesnt buy here he will go somewhere else and theres more of a chance he will get ripped off atleast here  the itiem is vetted.

Thanks Marc. I understand your point. Buying at that time, sympathy buying, often leads to unrealistic prices. Most buying at that time may not be so savvy so perhaps we try to help avoid overpaying by newbies. Others views on this?

I’m with marc e on this one, it’s better they buy genuine ones here than fakes on ebay. Let’s leave it to the members to decide if it’s bad taste to buy/sell directly after someone dies and let the market set the price!

But I’m not entirely comfortable with the 6 months return policy for what ever reason the buyer wants. I don’t think it’s fair to the seller to not be able to use the money from the sale for so long time. And it’s not fair to the seller that the buyer can return the item 6 months later just because he/she for example wants another item and need the refund to finance it.

But that’s just my opinion!

1 week for anything, 2 weeks for condition and 6 months for authenticity? I'll run this by Steve. This is my project but he's the boss. :) For now this is fluid. I do not believe the deceased thing will change - we shall see. I know it is something we are trying to discourage and it may have been in the previous rules as I recall.

I’ll stick with Ebay.

i dont like the 6 mointh return rule and it would stop me from selling on her and this is why

dealers buy on here to flip and if they get stuck with the itiem will just return it

buyers remorse

sellers should state a clear return policy mine is if the itiem doesnt get a tpa aproval ill take it back minus fees but it must be done quikly i ask please dont wait longer than a couple weeks to submite the itiem

in 6 months so much can change on the artist u sold with there value. they could announce a igning ,sell graphs in there store just to much varibles

As I said, this is fluid right now. That's why I posted this - to hear from you. I don't think the 6 month thing was my idea - I can't recall.

Appreciate the work you do for this!

I’m totally fine with a 2 weeks for condition and 6 months for authenticity return policy. But I don’t think a buyer should be allowed to return an item just because they changed their minds. If you bought, it’s yours! Think before you buy it…

RE the 1 week? Things in hand are very different than in a photo or scan. I would agree that if you buy it after an in hand exam then its yours, condition and all (but for authenticity concerns that could pop up).

i wouldnt do a open ended 1 week as now with technonogy scans and pics are much better but a week with due reason is fine rember paypal has buyer  protection built in also.

if its say an 8 x 10 and he gets a differnt one fine but if its the same itiem with perfect pics then to bad but the seller has to declare and imperfections before or yes a week is fne to retune it

6 months for tpa is to long . 

if there going that route they should just get it done and this way if theres a problem it can be adresses quickly not 6 months later

I did not say that.



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