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I WAS SOOOOO thrilled to see this...but then the price 800 Canadian bucks, almost 600 US bucks...pass

Nothing cheap when it comes to Dylan.

Agree Mikenmar2, and he's impossible to even get near...did you ever see the Pawn Stars episode?

Man, if I was rich with 800 bucks to spare...maybe.

But outta my league, I'm saving for an Elvis and Jimmy Page!

Someday I will regret not buying this, If it was maybe $400 l'd jump all over it. but can't justify it right now.

I almost had a heart attack trying to get the page to load with my slow internet but then saw the price, this is who I named my son Dylan after but uh, no lol

I'm not really a flipper. But to have fallbacks in case of cancellations I ordered from multiple places for Bono, Brian Johnson, and RHCP.  If the stars align, nothing cancels and I end up with extras-I may have to make a rare eBay listing of something and sell off 1 or 2 things and my spare Renegades book. to get this-assuming Dylan stays available. If I charge a $575 book that close to Christmas without raising some funds-I'll end up in divorce court. It's pricey! But Dylan is a legend. 

Its $799 US dollars.


I stand corrected. Thats a steal for Dylan and I cant imagine he signs a ton of them ala Grohl. Thanks for posting. Got 1. 

I think he signs way less than Grohl. 

Forget the chilis, lol!

Definitely looks like it won't last that long.  


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