The Warning, Keep Me Fed - Limited Edition Signed CD (3 versions)

3 signed version, 1 of each member

this probably belonged in the random music section but I'm a fan of these girls so just couldn't do it lol, 3 sister rock band from Mexico that started doing covers on YouTube when they were very young and have just kept getting better. i really like the cover they did of Enter Sandman with Alessia Cara on The Metallica Blacklist album

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The Warning are great! Really don't like the split up signatures though.

Edit: Found this...

Do you think this comes signed by all three?

it seems like it would be all 3 since it's the only one they are offering, I bought one of each earlier and was going to order a couple of these in case it was all of them but the nearly $45 to ship 2 CDs to the states changed my mind lol

just saw this pic on Twitter and now I'm wondering if the art cards are all signed by all 3 and it's just the CD covers that are different. hope so and it makes more sense than having an art card picturing all 3 with only 1 signing

Yeah should all be all 3 signing each one. Has the image of the card insert that’s signed with all 3

Item is now sold out

they restocked them and the description now says the insert is signed by all 3 so that's good. 

I was kinda hoping each girl would sign her respective art card only…


Each girl had their own cover and of course I bought all three trying to get the collection 

Oh That makes sense, also I think it would be cool if you had the set with them signing the front part. I like having something the whole band signed if I can get my grubby hands on it lol. Also I think they advertised it first not telling us the whole band signed so that's understandable.

Thanks for posting this! The 2 songs off that album that have been released are really good! They look like they're sold out at the time of my commenting though, but I ordered the Pau version a couple days ago.

Thanks Joel. Little late to the party here but these gals are right up my alley. But I was able to grab one before they sold out. Not sure which one. Lol.


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