DAWN FM CD available (regular cover and alternate covers) on The Weeknd's official store!

Regular Cover



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If it's only an "A" or "W" I guess he can xD 

Whats the website you use to see how many are left? 

this is the one I use but it looks like they are all sold out, I also noticed that they changed the collector Cds so they don't say signed like they did before, I hope they aren't trying to pull a fast one.


I have a picture just in case haha

Yeah, I kept a screenshot as well lol. I wouldn't put it past them to try though. 

Thanks so much I’m going to snag two for me and my gf!
I’ll never understand why they charge so much for shipping. One cd = $5, two cd = $12, four cd = $25…. What???

Yeah, my initial thought was to complain about the shipping but since the Cds were only $12 the total for 4 only came out to a little over $19 each which is fair. 

it’s just crazy to think it cost an additional $7-$10 for each additional cd. It’s not going to cost them that to ship it it’s just extra $$$$ to be made 

Oh I totally agree and like I said it cost about $5 to ship 4 Cds so definitely a money grab, but just saying for me at least when the total comes out to less than $20 each I can live with it. on principal total B.S. though

100% agree with you. 

Really strange shipping rates indeed. Shipping to California is similar to European shipping rate. They even charge taxes which makes no sense at all in my mind. Great releases though! Didn't pass :)

Edit: Weird price tags on other items too. Signed Standard CD = $12. Standard Cassette, not signed = $26 ... what.

That's really insane. I didn't even watch the price for the Cassette, but that's so high for a Cassette!



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