DAWN FM CD available (regular cover and alternate covers) on The Weeknd's official store!

Regular Cover



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yeah, the limited amount is 10,000 of each, so with the first run that makes 40,000 not including the 10,000 regular signed Cds or however many of the Indie ones he sold. I'm regretting buying a couple of each because even if it's not autopen then I doubt it's more than the quick scribble that some of you warned us about.   

ouch, you're right, 

Just over 9000 left of each, and 2700+ of the signed standard CD.  

Autopen or an "A" (for Abel) scribble at best, for sure

Newbury saying they'll have the signed alt covers up on Wednesday.


looks like a little over 2000 of the indie version at Newbury


Picture posted on Twitter, artcard, he didn't sign the booklet

Newbury sold 300 to 400 of them pretty quick and now they are stuck in the 1700s, this pic of the terrible art card and so-called signature must have gotten around lol, just checked the collector's editions and there is still 6500+ of each of those left so those have quit selling too

Just got ours today!! I don't understand the point of doing a bunch of different covers if he doesn't sign the booklet..

Attachments: No photo uploads here

My Streetlight Records order is on it's way to me! Yay for a collection of art cards we are about to receive! ;-) 

My official store order has been shipped! Excited to get all of my cursive a's ;-) :-D 


Now on recordstore.co.uk, but presumably will just be the same art cards as everywhere else. 

Got mine today…not surprised in the least, but sure glad I didn’t buy all three different covers to end up with the 3 same inserts!

Do you mean like me, I not only bought all 3 but the Indie exclusive cover as well.  oh well can't win them all lol



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