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The White Stripes - Complete Lyrics signed by Jack White

A little pricey at $100 but seems like a nice collector’s item 


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As I am selling both books on ebay, I am saying it. The Arnold book, sells for around $100 give or take, The Jack White book easily sells for over $200 right now. 

I received a book without a signature. What a bummer. Are these binded in or is that a loose stock card?


These signed preorders are getting lazier and lazier. They couldn’t have done a tip in after months before production happened. Not sure the point of numbering a loose page 

Anyone had dispatch on their order from the UK store?

My US order still has not shipped.

Very limited number available in the UK Store right now 

Damn,. sold out, that'll teach me to go off the computer for 5 minutes to eat! 

Gotta say they could have packed it a bit better for a $100 book, 

My order (US store) was loose in a basic bubble mailer.

I agree. 

Yea my book arrived damaged. I sent it back (without the signed card) and they sent me a new copy of the book that was packaged much better. So count me as thankful that the auto was not bound in! 

Anyone still not received their copy from the US store?

My tracking is still showing at the warehouse on 28th October. So I emailed them and they said that they are repackaging them because of the complaints of the ones arrived damaged. 

So who’s knows whether they actually sent it or not in the first place.


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