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The White Stripes - Complete Lyrics signed by Jack White

A little pricey at $100 but seems like a nice collector’s item 


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Mine showed up damaged, I reached out to them and they sent me a new book properly in a box rather than in a bubble mailer. They just had me keep the signed bookplate that was unstuck inside the damaged book. Received the replacement today. 

I had the same thing happen. Same bubble mailer, same replacement came in a box. Maybe they learned from that one.

Mine arrived here in the U.K. today, well packaged and in perfect condition.  Very happy with it.

So how many did he sign in total out of interest?

I don’t recall seeing an official figure anywhere, but I’ve seen limited edition numbers into the 900s, so I’m guessing he signed 999.

Did you get your copy from the UK store?

Is the signature on a loose card that is put into the book before the first page too? 

From the U.K. store, yes.

And, yes, the signature is on a 4 1/4” x 6” postcard, with debossed lettering, placed between the front board and the endsheet.  Some folk are calling it a bookplate, but it’s not, IMO; it’s a postcard.

First book arrived damaged. Sent back for replacement. Replacement book arrived damaged. They now have no more left to send. I am profoundly annoyed. 

Mine was wrecked too. They have no idea how to package books

They supposedly have some of these available at their 3 retail stores today for anyone near one.



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