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I would say it's not real. His writing is more vertical, and the small letters on this piece are too low, for starters.

Thanks! I'll be passing on this one, then 

Here is that long-promised image that hopefully illustrates what you said Steve. 

I agree Steve. I would post mine to illustrate what you are saying but the reply box doesn't have the usual icons for adding images etc. It is also a strange cream color.

You’ve clicked on the HTML Editor by mistake.

Click on the Visual Mode tab.

I'm in the Stone Age when it comes to IT. Is there a key for the HTML Editor on a Mac? Where would I find the Visual Mode tab? Sorry for boring the pants off the other readers of this discussion!

Click on the other tab:

Thanks Stepeanut. Now I know what you mean. Trouble is I'm not seeing that box at all under "Reply to this" so I can't click on either of the tabs. Maybe the problem will correct itself. I've had some funny skeleton-type layouts appearing before that correct themselves after a few days.

You’re welcome.

Maybe try a different browser, or try clearing your cookies and reload the site.

After a period of over a couple of weeks I am now able reply to a particular post and to pose images. I was away for five days and the issue seems to have just righted itself during that time. Thanks again. for your suggestions.

Not authentic i.m.o. 

Would this be a seller based in Australia?

Thanks, and no, they are from the states. I'll definitely be passing on this one, given the responses. Why do you ask?


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