Last week I was keeping an eye on 3 items in the latest Iconic Auctions sale.  I had seen all 3 on eBay recently and was surprised to see them on in the holiday auction at Iconic.  All three had pretty hefty starting bids. I took a chance on one but was outbid.  

Ove this weekend, I noticed that all 3 (including the one I was outbid on) are now back up on eBay at the higher prices that they were originally listed at under the user id "autographs-for-sale".  This happened to me once before on an item I was outbid on in the monthly Iconic auction where I saw it before and after the auction on eBay

On top of it, since I have been a registered bidder, I am getting monthly phone calls on the day of the auction from Iconic.  I never answer the calls but they keep on coming every month...never leaving a message.  They seem to be trying to drum up business on the evening of their auction.

At this point, I'm thinking I'll never waste the time again in participating in this nonsense. It seems as though I'll be "outbid" every time in their auctions and every time items will be back up on eBay a day or so later.  

Why is Iconic even believing that this is a good thing to keep a loyal following?  I'm sure there are others like myself who are looking both at their site and at eBay and noticing this "broken record" skipping over and over again.

Are they really serious about the integrity of their "house auctions"?  Any others have a similar experience?

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I hear iconic auctions turnaround for payment on consignment is quite quick much better than rr auction

jeff does pay pretty quick at iconic

the stuff might have a reserve on that ur bidding 

I have mentioned in previous threads that this is a little game they play.  Items are concurrently listed on eBay in in their auction.  You think there is an auction winner, then it end up back on eBay again.  Prices are changed, then it goes back on auction again.  Believe me, they are not selling anything for less than they want for it.  They will manipulate the system to try and maximize their price.  I would avoid them completely.

I agree i once bid on some items they had a 10 minute bid gap so you couldnt be sniped at the end i was high bidder on two items ,i went out for a minute came back and im was outbid on all three and the auction had ended all in two minutes and way before the 10 minute gap ,i was of course not outbid at all it was iconic making sure their items didnt sell for less than they wanted ,dont waste your time with them you will never win unless you are willing to pay the over inflated high prices that they want

I dont even bother to look at their items anymore

totally differnt  with iconic as he permision to list them and there pulled of from ebay and only relisted if they dont sell

If you dont mind, what were the 3 items you were watching?  I looked at their last auction as well

This was some years back now one of the items was a quantity of Springsteen blank checks , i havent bid on anything of theirs since 

I was looking at two Houdini items and one Bela Lugosi.  All 3 have "sold for" prices on the Iconic Auctions results listings.  Yet all 3 are back up On eBay at much higher prices than what Iconic claims they were "sold for" in their in house auction.

My guess is the reason Iconic gives that bid gap at the end of their auctions is so that their employees can bid it up so an item has no chance of selling for less then what they want it to sell for. 

 That just seems so wrong and dishonest and only about trying to make the buck on what they have in inflated values on items.

I just looked backed at Iconic Auctions after my last post and realized that in their auction results, it does not read "sold for" like most other auction houses in posting results of past auctions.  It rather reads "final price".  

Also, all three of the "final price" results in the December Iconic Auction that I had viewed for the Bela Lugosi and 2 Houdini items have now mysteriously disappeared since my last post.  The number of bidders listed earlier in their results for these items have disappeared.  

Are my eyes playing tricks on me?  I don't believe so. Someone at Iconic has apparently caught this thread and made some adjustments in the results of these three items. 

If I was looking for a solid reason to stay clear in the future, this certainly is more than enough.  Just hope they quit calling me every month to remind me to get in the game and try to "beat the house" on auction day.

no it takes a few days for them to adjst the final price from either sold or not. also sometimes they will contact the consignor and try to work out a deal to sell it at a reduced price.

This makes no sense.  Is there a reason why the seller does not simply create a minimum bid?

There is a simple reason, they are crooked.  It’s like starting an item at $1000 or $9.99.  You know there will be a ton of bidders jumping in on that $9.99 starting price thinking they will get a great deal.  At a higher starting price, most people will never look back knowing they cannot get a bargain.  It is all manipulation by the seller.



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