Thought you might enjoy the newly edited "Jim Hallowes - Autograph Collector"

Greetings Fellow Autograph Collectors!

I thought you might enjoy watching the newly edited video documentary

“Jim Hallowes - Autograph Collector 2016”

Including everyone from Walt Disney to my working (and directing in TV commercials) with Orson Welles, Ronald Reagan, Dolly Parton, Evel Kinevel, and others. Let me know what you think.

And if we are not yet "friends" here, I hope you be my Autograph Live Friend!

Here's a page with individual segments from the video, too.

Individual segments:

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Did you read the other thread Robin? I also like how passionate he is about our hobbie, but I really think from his first day here his goal was to try to clear the name of his friend Ross. The haters are just trying to stop forgeries.

Haters or sceptics? This new word seems to get tossed around a lot now. Every time somebody doesn't agree, now they are a "hater".

I have to agree with you Ian, but from the tone of the comments I think Robin hit the nail on the head and "Haters" is correct in this case. I've written to a couple of people who seemed to take issue with the "skeptics" and in part wrote: 

Got to tell you I'd never heard any of this problem with Myron Ross before I became a member of this group and I really didn't anything about any need to "clear his name" or something like that was said.

They may be correct about the Fleetwood Mac Album, because I never had it authenticated and may go so far as to see if they can edit that out of the video without too much trouble.

I did have someone here run a little test asking about the authenticity of an autograph and "they" thought it look "bad" and "not good" which, because I collected the autograph in person I know it's good. Kind of funny, but kind of sad, too.

All I know is that Myron Ross is still in business, and he's even the current official authenticator on the TV show "Beverly Hills Pawn." If someone here thinks or has proof, that Myron knowingly sells forgeries they ought to purchase something and then turn him in for mail fraud or whatever one does. I've personally seen no evidence here or anywhere, but there certainly may be some, I've just never had any problem with him and other than what I've heard here on this website, I hadn't heard any bad-mouthing of him.

I don't know if I'm correct, but I got the sense that I've met more celebs and personally gotten more autographs than the majority of the folks here. But, all I heard was I was showing "a bunch of forgeries" in the video... I'd be interested in someone naming a couple of the "bunch of forgeries" they think they saw! But of course they can't, because there aren't!

Actually, I'm now wondering if they're questioning me directing Orson Welles and maybe it's just photoshop? Or if I retouch myself in with Buzz Aldrin, Ronald Reagan, Dolly Parton, Warren Beatty or Evel Knievel? I wouldn't put it past them. Once again, not all that surprising, but kind of sad.

Hi Jim, nobody is hating on anybody. The focus is on your buddy actually (who I don't know much about). Nobody is perfect so your little test doesn't hold much water. Not everybody here agrees on everything except for the more obvious forgeries (just look at the Jerry Lee posts). I don't think anybody is doubting you have met many celebrities and I think that's great! Good luck and I wish you well.

You had someone run a little test? Let me guess, would it be Daniel's McCartney on Robins thread?
Robin he says on his home page that the reason he came here is to sell some of his collection.

Haters? I sure hope youre 14 years old using that term. 

I'm not ridiculing the poor guy. I'm sorry Jim got hammered Multiple times. He should be happy someone told him before he passed the trash...

It's actually one of the reasons I DESPISE this industry because of good passionate people like Jim getting lubed multiple, multiple times. It's horrible

Jim, Thank you for sharing your video featuring special guest Colonel Myron "with Drew Max and Donald Frangipani certificates, I'm sure they're good" Ross. He is special alright.

You can't even trust a Jerry Lee Lewis certified by those guys.

Which version, Steve?

That's true. They will certify anything. Some authenticators will only certify a subset of authentic Jerry Lee Lewis signatures. What can you do? 


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