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Another of my favorite films - THX1138 by Lucas in 1971. Vintage THX litho still by Bernie Abramson and signed photograph. of Duvall. The SP was exposed to show the signature best, not the image. Any idea what film the b/w/ is from?

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It looks like The Natural.

Thanks Mike. His clothes, that tie and the phone seem to make that unlikely, no? I think it has to be Network.

Notice the tie? Check this image out.

It's from The Godfather. 1972

Not the same tie. These are horizontal rows. Also the wig. And why the credentials in his jacket? I'm going with Network.

Here's a picture of Robert in The Network. Way less hair.

Then we have a mystery! 

The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper

Case solved. Good work, REM.

Nice work, REM.

Thanks REM!

After reading about the Cooper film I'd prefer any of the other films mentioned! 

Actually, I shouldn't be so picky - it is vintage signed "Robert" and not "Bob". I have not seen a THX vintage signed still. Modern 11x14 yes. Signed "Bob". There is one poster on eBay for $400, recently signed...


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