For the last 20 years or so I’ve been collecting game used jerseys and memorabilia. I’ve done authentication work for several auction houses and photo matching memorabilia is my specialty. As we speak, a supposed 2006 Masters final round shirt worn by Tiger Woods is on the auction block. It’s signed by Woods, comes with multiple LOA’s and is backed by Upper Deck. It’ll bring probably $20,000 when the smoke clears. There’s only one teeny little problem........

its no good. And I proved it.....yet the auction house refuses to pull it. matter the matter the LOA’ no one and do your homework. Someone is about to flush twenty grand down the toilet. See for yourself......

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Boys, this conversation of a mythical shirt change is now over. Attached are photos from Getty showing Woods in the FIRST fairway and the EIGHTEENTH green. He’s wearing the same shirt.....and it’s no good.

I’ve shown multiple images proving the offered shirt does NOT match photo images of Woods from the first fairway to the eighteenth green. I think we can all now agree that Upper Deck has some massive explaining to do.

In my opinion, this could lead to a lawsuit as someone is about to be scammed out of big money.

After seeing your pics, there is no doubt the shirt being offered is not the shirt Tiger wore. It appears he wore the same shirt for the entire round.

Dr. Loomis,

This was not about some "mythical" shirt change. A shirt change was a real possibility that had to be eliminated.

I asked if you had checked images from all through the day and this was the first time you said you did.

Steve do you at least agree that Upper Deck has major explaining to do and this type of error with an athlete and item of this caliber is monstrous.

Dr. Loomis,

I think that it's a serious problem that Upper Deck has to investigate and make a statement about if Tiger absolutely did not wear the signed shirt during the final round of the 2006 Masters. I've agreed with you on that all along. And, if so, I think that Grey Flannel should ask Upper Deck about it and at least modify the auction lot listing if so.

My only concern was that you made sure that the shirt signed could not have been worn during that round. If the shirt Tiger wore at the first hole is the same one he wore at the 18th, then it seems clear to me that the shirt signed was not worn by Tiger during the last round at the Masters.

Just to put the nail in the coffin.....take a look. Focus on the second button and notice how it lines up with the stripes. Not even close.

Thank you BC. As an honest and ethical collector this stuff kills me. I hate to know someone is going to get burned badly.

Thorough and impressive research!  Well done.

Thank you Daniel.... I appreciate your kind words.

Take a look guys...........

UPDATE: I got in touch with a higher up at Upper Deck and showed them my evidence. They couldn’t believe what they saw. Bottom line.....the shirt was pulled from Grey Flannel based upon my review and proof. Thank goodness some poor soul wasn’t scammed out of $20K plus.


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