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Hey guys,

I was wondering if you could help me to check if those autohraphs of Tim Allen look real or not... personally I think they are NOT genuine. They look completely different than years ago.

Those are a few years old (TTM) and look real to me:

But those came in today (also TTM) and look not like his signature at all:

Also, the newer ones arrived VERY FAST. I have sent out the letter (including pictures and SASE from Germany) on the 12th of January and received the reply on the 6th of February already.

Hope someone can help. Thank you!!!

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Tim has gone the way of secretarial since the covid pandemic. The bottom two are indeed secretarial signatures.

Agreed. Everything since about May has been secretarial.

Thanks for your replies... very disappointing though. In that case Tim Allen (or his office) should not reply to fanmail at all during this pandemic... :/

Agree, the new ones are secretarial and I imagine in time his autograph value will increase yet there are a few of the new secretarial version on eBay

I received this the other day... Thoughts? Real or Secretarial?



Thanks for replying! I agree with Florian it's a bit disappointing. I'd rather return to sender unsigned...if I ever have the opportunity in the future I can't use this. The cover was from a program seeing his comedy act in Canada in 2011...meant a lot to me... "Occupational hazard" I suppose... Thanks again group :)

Completely agree. However, If you go over the signature with a dry erase market and wipe it off, it should take everything with it. Try it on a small section before going all they way.


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