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Thank you 

Why not link directly to the book, not reddit?

Quite simple, I asked permission to repost links from that reddit sub on this forum and they said yes but please give us credit. 

For $32 it's worth a roll of the dice. It's not like one of these special editions that cost hundreds. 

Thanks for posting this Dan, for $32 it's an absolute no brainer!!! (and they deliver to Canada...yeah!)

So annoyed you can't have these sent to the UK.

Thank you for posting! Will be a great gift for the holiday! 

Temporarily Out of Stock Online

"She gone"

"And just like that, Jenny was gone out of my life again"...

Wow, went from #147 sales rank last night when I saw the original heads up here in this other thread ( to #1 this morning as the news travelled around.  This will be huge for next spring.  

Code SEP10 is good for 10% off of $25 or more purchase.

Code SEP15 is good for 15% off of $35 or more purchase.

Code SEP20 is good for 20% off of $100 or more purchase.


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