I'm curious to see what anyone thinks of this Tom Petty signed LP? Thank you!

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does not look like most authentic ones I've seen, but I am not too savvy on Petty.  I do have a Epperson COA one available if you are looking to purchase.  PM if you are.  Good luck

what about this one?

Sling, your Petty looks good.

mine is stamped with "for promotion only" Any idea why they did this? How many?

"Promotion Only" were albums issued to radio stations. Should be no difference except the stamp on the cover.

there were alot stamped like that. no clue on the numbers but thousands.every radio station ,journalist, record company employe and so and so on. but in my opinion it adds value espcial if u can trace who actualy owned it from the industry

I'd love to have one dedicated to "Steven." Nice!

may work something out- I have a few addresses to steve, 

frampton something hap
don fagan nightfly
baez 79
hall oates oices
 John Sebastiantian tarzan kid
petty damn the Torpedos

jesse colllin young Julie Songs

Maybe a few more

  • Steve, I see you are into space. Check out my avatar. I bought it at HA JEWELRY AUCTION awhile back. HA did not know, but I immediately recognized it as a jeweler's representation of the NASA logo. The diamonds (not on the blue globe) represent the stars, the gold piece across the blue globe is the wing. The blue globe is a rare mineral with diamonds on it also.

Have not been able to learn who made it.  Have you seen one before?

This is one I use to own.

I  like how he does a peace sign with his "o" on tom!

woops, its a Mercedes logo!



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