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Thanks for the heads up. I am not looking forward to it then, sigh.

Right, I ordered 2 from the last restock while I wait on them to sort out my first two that came unsigned…not sure if they intend to replace the first 2 or just refund (said they will try to replace if they can get more signed ones but meanwhile they relist signed ones for sale).

Just got shipping notice on latest 2….great to hear they’re still arriving unsigned…don’t see how this isn’t a scam at this point. Stop selling “signed” copies if you don’t have them! 

 I'm not sure who's fault it is because they were sealed and SIG was on the barcode on the back so the signed cards should have been in there. unless they just knew they didn't have the signed cards and sent them out like this intentionally then someone put the wrong cards in. I wonder  if the people who ordered the unsigned ones ended up with the signed cards lol

It seems like the CDs that only come with the SIG barcode arrived unsigned. It's the same for the Andrew Lloyd Webber ones. Did yours come with the circular SIG sticker, in addition to the SIG barcode at the back?

no mine only had Sig on the barcode but not the round sticker, I don't know how it works but it still seems like them having sig in the barcode means these should have been intended to be signed, even without having the extra SIG sticker.

Lol I wondered same thing…seems plausible at this point.

I imagine someone ordering an unsigned copy and finding a signed card, wondering what’s going on and if it’s real…

Just got my refund email from the UK store. Guess they didn't get more stock from the label. Oh well. Bummed I didn't get the signed booklet but happy I got refunded!

Mine just arrived and par for the course are unsigned 

Mine arrived unsigned too, sigh. I wrote to complain about it and after many days they finally got back to me and said that it will be refunded.

Ordered 2 originally and both came unsigned.

While trying to sort that out with her store, they restocked them on her website. Since I was unsure what her store intended to do on the first order, I ordered two more during restock as I really wanted this one.

The second 2 arrived yesterday- you guessed it- unsigned!!! Took video of package opening and contacted store again. I know, fool me once…but this sucks! 0 for 4.

How hard can it be to get this right  

that pile of cds are signed ,those arent ,send the signed ones to people who ordered signed ones and unsigned to those who havent 

Lol right, there’s some massive incompetence or some blatant fraud going on…



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