Hey everyone,

How do you guys feel about this company in terms of a trusted LOA? Would you say that are on pair with JSA, PSA/DNA, and Beckett?




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You can trust them for sure!

It is the RACC ”team” that stands behind the COA and they have some really great guys like Roger Epperson (music) and Steve Zarelli (space) that are the best in the business and also some great AML members like Bjarne Soderholm and Pete Chuka! 

Everyone is of course human and mistakes can be made, but these are 100% good guys!

Agreed.  With that lineup, I think I would trust them over any of the others listed above.

there fine 

a lot of them also chime in here to help 

racctrusted seller # 220

They are very respected.... HOWEVER, if you are buying something - in my opinion, it doesn't hurt to toss the item onto this forum for opinions as well (its free too!)   We've got a fantastic group of super-fan's and specialty collectors (meaning they specialize in a specific person's autograph or a bands autograph etc).  Specialty collectors keep up with forgery, forgers, and forgery styles going around in the market, and many times the authenticators don't keep up with that as closely as they do here.


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