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Thank you, President Biden, for your 52 Years of Service to all Americans.

Any thoughts on these 2 John autographs?   The signed picture sleeve looks dubious to me, however the signed autograph book page might be good?

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Those don’t look correct to me. 

I don't think that either one was signed by Lennon. 

The signed picture sleeve looks good to me. The other one isn’t authentic IMO.

I must admit when I took a  quick look at both signatures, the signature on the picture sleeve didn’t get a second glance.   Now that Ballroom has opened my eyes I can see that it does look to be signed by John.  The Peace and From perhaps seal the deal.

The sleeve is very nice indeed. You can also tell by the number of "thesaleroom" watchers (currently 16) that it is considered  real by the market. Having said that, the other one also has ten watchers, six bids and is currently at £425.

The picture sleeve looks good...I've seen this before...don't like the other Lennon...


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