another idea I had and you all can tell me if you like it or not but I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could post upcoming releases to keep an eye out for, I've never really known where to post these tips. right now I see people are watching for Harry Styles's new album with Pre-orders starting April 1st at 12 am UK, and Miley Cyrus is also releasing her first live album scheduled to drop also on April 1st. no guarantee there will be anything signed but I will be watching so I don't get caught off guard as i did with RHCP

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Soaked? Shake it off, shake it off -- with your $45 Purple Swiftie Towel!

welp…no signed CDs hahahaha

Did you feel that??.. the whole world just collectively grumbled

FYI, Spinal Tap II just announced for 2024, 

Spinal Tap II Rob Reiner Michael McKean Christopher Guest Harry She...

who knows? - might be some signed opportunities associated with it. 

Who in the hell does a countdown for a pool float? I lost sleep and messed up my sleep schedule for a $50 pool float and a $45 towel 

Floats are sold out!

Have either of the actual albums dropped yet? Or is she just selling bloated dollar store crap prepping for it?

Any signed Harry Styles records/CDs for his upcoming album? 

Looks like there's a Def Leppard book coming from Genesis Publications - think their signed editions usually pricey though?

35 pounds for the book isn’t terrible to be honest. It’s the shipping that makes it a lot 

I think it’s up for pre order already?

A signed version? The £35 is just a regular edition. 



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