UPDATE 9/16/17: Waters Signed Abt 12 Graphs @ Nassau Tonight. ONE FOR ME!

A fan's story:

Yes! I got up, threw myself into a borrowed ride with literally 2 minutes notice, no ticket and no way home, grabbed the latest Wall documentary/concert ready from yesterday's non-signing event, withstood a deluge of rain on the line...but managed to get the DVD signed large in silver w/o getting it wet! The 12"x12" flat seemed a truly bad choice in the rain - the DVD had a plastic bag so that was that. I said "Thank you, Mr. Waters" 3 times, but he was yelling about eBay. Someone, perhaps right after me, tried to get two and Waters just drove off. Maybe he did 12 all together. I then waited for it to dry and started working on getting home safely. Got to hear a good chunk of soundchecks too - Breathe, Welcome to the Machine and some bits of others.

Pictures soon :) It will go nicely alongside my signed Gilmour DVD!

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Nice to hear Eric! Glad you got one! Can't wait to see it.
My man Eric!
Happy to see fans snag graphs, hate the other idiots.

Thanks Adam & Paul!

I'm a happy man :)

I am very happy that you were able to get it that is great!

Thanks Scott! I am so very thrilled!

Congratulations man. Very happy for you.

Thanks! :D

What was he saying about ebay?

He appeared to be having a pretty heated discussion with someone in the car with him. He was saying "This is all eBay, this is all for eBay!" When he first pulled up he was smiling it seemed, but then he started signing. Then that person asking for 2 back to back. Others changing clothes...trying to get more than one...some said that is expected. Yesterday was worse. I just followed his rules.

Greedy dealers ruin it for everyone.

Very good! I belong to quite a few autograph groups and had read about todays fiasco on 101.Just sickening that one of the biggest ,best signers of rock is being ruined and disrespected! So glad you got the graph and waiting to see it!

Wheres a pic of it.



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