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oh man these are really bad.  

"Laurel and Hardy."


Oh my.

Hey Joe,  You're obviously jealous!  Thanks for your uneducated opinion!  I've been collecting more than 50 years and I know when people are shooting from the hip and have no idea of the truth.  Just hot air!  


I'm more than happy to have entertained you. Much luck with your collection!

Allen, no one here is "jealous."

When members post "finds" of authentic pieces, we are elated for them.

Allen that’s really not cool, if your on the  presumption  That Joe is  jealous of your items and therefore gave a  untruthful  Opinion because his  jealous.  you my fellow member have it completely wrong!  We all get passionate about our collection and it’s definitely ok to agree to disagree but please DO NOT take it personally and accuse a fellow member of trying to  sabotage your collection. We’ve all made bad investments in fact I purchased a Derek Jeter signed baseball at a swap meat not long ago and it happened to be a forgery, it only cost $10 but I took a shot and gambled and lost, when the fellow member advised me it was fake I did not take it personally, in fact I thanked them for taking the time out of ther schedule to look at it  and offer there opinions,

all the best


Har har hardee har har Goldy, sorry you were duped at an estate sale.  The hell, you say? I'll shoot from the hip to say you were taken, not really. You deserve it, Even though we are neighbors. Just another clown that doesn't listen to people who know more. 

You are making the claim of authenticity - the onus is on you to show why. On what is your opinion based? The "story" and the "estate" are not of any value with regard to authenticity. It is nice to have when the autograph is genuine, but this is not. If you can show us why you think it is genuine, without the "story" and "estate" claims, please do. And post the others. I would like to look for the same hand in all. It's a theory...


We are a very experienced and avid group of collectors who offer our expertise in helping each other and all members in autograph authentication. We all love to see items that are shown which are special as it contributes to examples we know of and helps us all in our knowledge of authenticity. I believe we are all grateful and welcome any members or non-members that contribute to AML.

Thanks Michael



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