Hi, What do you guys think of these.

The guy selling says he worked at EMI for 50 years. He has a lot of other items from other artists, Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd etc, which I will post in the appropriate forums

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this is a pile of junk.......the guy is full of it.

What a load of ....



Fuel for a BIG bonfire.......

Somebody has delusions of Beatle grandeur. These are all fakes. Interesting that he claims a variety of legendary signatures; if they're anything like these, the old guy is off his rocker.

Not authentic for sure

So sad that he ruined those wonderful items with those dumb fake signatures.

I told the seller that I had been told they were all fakes.

He said he was going to take legal action against you as the only way anyone can kow if genuine is if they are there and he said they are 100% real.

Ive pointed him to this forum, but he doesnt seem to have posted as of yet...

Ask him for proof he worked at EMI.  Even if he did that won’t change the fact that those signatures are not genuine and I’d say 100% of the autograph Authenticators would say the same thing.  

And he probably won't - because they're all fakes. Every single signature included in your photo is phony - whether he knows or someone filled him with smoke. He can take any legal action he wishes but whatever he does won't change the simple fact: they are all fraudulent.




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