I really enjoy Vincent Price movies and I have a drawing apparently signed by him.  The drawing or sketch is on 8.5x11 art-type paper.  I liked the looks of the drawing and thought it looked good.  I did not really pay all that much for it.  If it is not real I like the drawing well enough that I might trim off the signature, and have his daughter Victoria Price sign it since hopefully I will be seeing her in June.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. 

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I believe it is real. JMO.

Thank you Joe i really appreciate it.  

Don't cut off anything, it's all genuine.

Hey thank you Edward I appreciate it a lot.   No I will leave it alone now lol.  

Authentic in my opinion. Nice item!

Thank you Rob I appreciate it.  I found some of these online since posting this, and I really like mine and think it is a very good likeness of him.

This is very nice. If you got it for the right price, you scored.

Thank you Brick I really appreciate and respect your opinion.   I need to look up what I did pay for it.  I remember being happy with the price (pardon the pun).  I doubt I scored on it but certainly have gotten more than what I paid in enjoyment with it. 

It's real, but be warned (everyone else). Mr. Price did A LOT of these when he signed his name. Lots of them are out there. I bought one for $75...maybe $50, I can't remember...about 10 years ago.

Also, I wouldn't have his daughter sign it. And believe me, I'm a big believer in having multiple signatures on items. But not this piece and not by her.

Rarity isn't the be all and end all. It's amazing how many Mickey Mantle signed baseballs are out there and people still love them. These signed drawings are definitely around, but that shouldn't make anyone enjoy theirs less.

Thank you Josh I appreciate it.  I have seen several of these although a lot seem to be on large index cards while this one is 8.5x11 art paper.  That is one reason I got it and I liked the looks better than some others I have seen.  I think I paid in the neighborhood of $135 including shipping around three years ago. I did not get a real bargain but i never buy for investment or future resale.  I have gotten more than that in enjoyment of it at least I tell myself that to rationalize it.  I won't have his daughter sign it now that I am sure it is good.  I really am not a fan of multiple signed things as a general rule, but then I do not frame things.  I think framed items it makes sense for space utilization.  



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