Hello everybody,

At the moment I have Two Vivien Signatures, Both from History. Direct, who is meant to be reputable and safe. This autograph does not come with a PSA/DNA so I have a few questions about its authenticity. They provide their own COA, which they say will pass any third party organization and if it does not they will refund the entire amount if it is within 10 years of the purchase.

This seems a little fishy but their items and reviews are mostly great so I'd genuinely appreciate it If anyone who jumps in on this chat could give their opinions on what's the safer choice. We're talking 600-1400$ Australian, so I really don't want to get this one wrong.

Clark Gable references are from Eaby, their sellers all have 100% reviews  

Also just found a Vivien signature on RR auctions going for big money, but seem's it is from the late '30s and pretty clean except for some light surface scuffing and minor creasing. top image

Thank you to anyone who replies and attributes to this page!


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The Vivien Leigh signatures look fine. If you go to the History for Sale web site and view their "authenticity guarantee" they state that their signature will pass PSA or JSA or will issue a full refund.

The Gable looks a little different but may be authentic. I don't think it's a secretarial signature.

Appreciate it, thanks for your input!

The Leigh's are fine. History Direct is very reputable - many of my finest peices come from them. Be sure to use the "Make an offer" feature. Here is my 1949 signed photo of Leigh as Blanche DuBois with photo by Angus McBean.

The condition of the Gable prevents me even from considering it. Problem peice. Good prices fade, poor condition stays forever.

I am a little more set on one of the two pieces I've attached from 'History Direct', do any of the two seem more 'authentic', or at least something you'd put your money on. I'd prefer to get her signature on a photograph, which the PSA signed autograph does obviously not have. If you think they all look genuine, I will take your word, considering you are probably the best to ask Vivien Autos.  

Do you think It would be overall safer to just go for the PSA authenticated piece, considering the hassle of getting it authenticated is already done and I can be assured that it is genuine? Because I feel with the History Direct pieces, I would need to get another opinion just to be sure. Thanks for helping out, really do appreciate you taking the time to give your input. As for the Clark gable piece despite it being frail, would you consider the signature real?

Gable is nearing DOA. It is a problem to avoid.

The PSA is just a cut on plain paper and is likely maxed out in terms of price. None of the Leigh's shown excite me. Take your time and find a nice one like I did. You'd never believe what I paid for mine and it's from Streetcar in London.

BTW, PSA makes mistakes like everyone else. 

Markus Brandes has a quality piece for sale right now.

Can you link to it? I don't see it there.


It’s a check but presented beautifully for the beginning collector.

Overpriced maxed out. And it's a bad idea to buy framed items unless you like surprises. 

He’d probably just ship the mat if need be and knock some money off. I really don’t see much else offered anywhere else right now in regards to Gable or Leigh. Buyer just needs to wait it out.



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