We've made improvements to Autograph Live over the last few days that I think you'll appreciate:

  1. Images in discussion replies don't get cut off at right anymore when members post replies to replies. YEAH!!!

  2. Discussions have 2 levels of replies now like Facebook, instead of 5. This makes discussions easy to follow on phones, tablets, and computers. Replies to replies now say who you're responding to, for example: Reply by BallroomDays67 to Jeffrey Hauser on August 13, 2019, at 1:04pm

  3. There are now FB, Twitter, and email sharing buttons for discussions under the original post.

  4. All images sitewide that are uploaded as photos (not attachments) have Pinterest sharing buttons when you mouseover them.

  5. Groups have been significantly improved and very similar on phones and computers.

I hope you like. Let me know if you find bugs or other issues.



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I must say, I love the new font!  It makes for a “cleaner” look in my opinion.

I agree!!!

Great work, Steve.

We're also introducing events! That should be helpful for the entire autograph community.

Love the new improvements. 

Any chance that the "Search" feature can be improved? 
For example - when I search "Bruce Springsteen" it sorts randomly -- not by date. 

Would love to see the most current discussions first. 

Agree 100% with B.J on this one!!

Yes. Not sure I can put them in order but I can make it better.

Only cost you $750! What's your PayPal email?

For example -- I just did a search for "Prince" and saw there were 105 pages with the first comment being from 2016.  It would take hours to search through them all to find the most recent discussions which are more relevant.   Thanks for trying!



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