My wife got us VIP tickets to the Steel City Comic Con next week, so I'll finally get my William Shatner autograph, and personally-witnessed, too. Karen Allen unfortunately cancelled, but I want to pick up Walter Koenig's and compare it to the picture he signed for me in New York way back in either 1974 or 1975 (can't remember which convention). Billy Zane's, too.

Anyone want me to pick up anything while I'm there?  ;)

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What is he charging these days? Here is mine from '67 or '68. He is...what you'd expect in person ;) Enjoy!

Very nice, Eric.

Thanks Christopher. I am looking at the list of guests - will you take advantage of the potential and have a Kirk/Gorn duo signed photo? At $110 it seems a good deal! I am either very young or very old (or very out of step) - I know only a few of these names!

Eric, I only know a few of the names myself.  

I am old....

If I was there looking for autographs, it would only be for William Shatner and Walter K.

Didn't really think about that, although I admit the autograph of the guy in the Gorn suit wouldn't alone push me to make the drive...

Billy Zane is about the only other one I'm interested in (I know, I know, Titanic...but I'm a Phantom fan myself). The rest I mostly know, but not sure I want to spend the bucks on. (The Office is ok and all, but not big on my list.)

Really sorry Karen Allen cancelled, though (Yes, Marion, it really IS the age!). I suspect with Shatner there, they maybe pulled back a bit on other A- or B-listers.

They do this con three times a year, although this is my first time attending. Last December, they had Dean Cain, Adam Baldwin, Henry Simmons & Natalia Cordova-Buckley from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Lou Ferrigno, and others. (*sigh*) Afraid this five-hour drive could become dangerously routine for's hoping they don't have one of my must-gets in August.  ;)

Lea Thompson in August. D*mn. Only time I ever desperately wanted to be a duck...

Did not, although I DID get Bobby Clark (said Gorn)...also got a paired Koenig/Shatner, and a Shatner alone, plus friends.

Shatner's signature is nowhere near Eric's posted's kinda a one-word scribble. Then, looking back at the hundreds (more?) of people behind me, I can understand why...

Yeah, decidedly more abbreviated in later years. This is what I got in 2012.

Here's one of mine from last weekend, personally witnessed, yadda-yadda.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

$80 signing, $80 photo op, at least at this convention. The VIP tickets include one of each (I generally never do photo ops, think they're a little silly, but thank you Mrs., of course I will), "priority" seating, special id hanger, and a t-shirt.

Other celeb pricing seem pretty reasonable, so guessing this con is charging low-to-middle-range (a lot of cons soak the percentage). He does not personalize at conventions so far as I know...following him on Twitter gives you a real good idea what to expect ("Hi! How you doin'? Next...").

On the other hand, consider his life. Huge lines to get his sig, and his job is to get as many done as possible both for him and the convention, so 5-6 seconds is your "interaction." I'm good with it.

Back in '74 or '75 in NYC, a friend and I caught Koenig sitting on a stool in the corner of the dealers room. We chatted briefly, he signed a photo I had with me, and then we left him in peace. Those days are long gone...

Hmm, I like mine for $10 or whatever it was. For some of those prices I'll take on a Gorn myself! Just kidding, James Tiberius still gets my attention! And Pavel too!

He was charging $75 when I got him in 2012, so $80 isn't too bad (some conventions he goes much higher).



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