My wife got us VIP tickets to the Steel City Comic Con next week, so I'll finally get my William Shatner autograph, and personally-witnessed, too. Karen Allen unfortunately cancelled, but I want to pick up Walter Koenig's and compare it to the picture he signed for me in New York way back in either 1974 or 1975 (can't remember which convention). Billy Zane's, too.

Anyone want me to pick up anything while I'm there?  ;)

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If anyone cares, I screwed up the dates; I now know which conventions I attended, and while I was right I attended The Committee's last and Al Schuster's first, I had the wrong years.

I attended Schuster's "Fourth Annual International Star Trek Convention" (actually his first) in 1975; this almost has to be where I met Walter Koenig, since he did not appear (according to at the final Committee convention in 1976, which I also attended. This is based on finding two "ticket" badges for the '75 convention, and my ex-wife's badge for the '76 con.

Attachments (don't post photos as attachments):

I care! Those are great to have! Thanks for posting :)



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