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I check in daily and just noticed that Eric is no longer with us, what happened?

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I had no idea.  Very upsetting.  I am curious as well, Steve.

I wish someone in the know would speak up and fill us in.

The same here Mike and Steve.

Same here. This news came out of nowhere for me.

Eric has been an upstanding contributing member to this site for many years.  I cannot imagine what happened, but I’m sure Steve had his reasons.  I would still like to know as I have never seen this happen to a longtime member in good standing.

Maybe he just quit. Are you assuming he was booted or was there some evidence of that Im not seeing?

Believe me, he didn’t quit.  Hopefully we find out from Steve what really happened.

I know that someone was booted for being deemed as overly aggressive to another member in one of the Bob Dylan threads. Can't remember if it was him though.

He was a different person lately. That's for sure.

Don't know if this is worth mentioning, but a few weeks ago his account said he was no longer a member (that only lasted a few days though before he was apparently active again). Whatever the case, I hope he is alright. I haven't been here that long but I can definitively say he was one of the most active and helpful members, even if somewhat argumentative at times.

Ive learned that on this forum, you can not speak your mind 100% without upsetting someone. Eric may have have rubbed certain people the wrong way especially that particular incident but he is an asset to this community regardless if you agree with him or not. I know some members feel the same way about me but it won't stop my efforts. Im here to share knowledge and learn from others but also as an escape from the realities of living around cornfields for the last year.

We all have our reasons why we are on here. Eric is a character for sure and if he is gone, I will miss his passion. Without going into detail, He was not the one causing problems on the Dylan thread. Trust me on that. He seemed to have just stopped posting all of a sudden and I dont think we can pinpoint a reason based on his last few comments unless I missed something. 

The incident you mentioned, you are right, it was weeks back before all this Dylan nonsense. He had conflicts with another member Benjamin, who handled it like a champ and they friended eachother in the end. I actually thought it was quite comical between 2 people who didn't take words to heart. Eric took a day or 2 to regroup after being called out for his harshness and he seemed to be great since then. I would normally keep info like this private but I dont want speculation to continue. He obviously ment a great deal to many on here and I hope this clears things up at least a little

For any member who is active on here, its inevitable that our emotions will get the better of us at certain points. We are all human. If Eric is truly gone from this site, he should be remembered for his extensive contributions and not for a few hiccups along the way. Hopefully this is just temporary


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