How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Great movie. Superb signed photo!

Thanks Joe!  I am very happy with this one :) I started the audiobook on YT - excellent. Compared with the other film we were talking about, this performance is very restrained and nuanced. I know Burton hated his pock marked skin and that it would show - that may explain the placement here.


Superb Good contrast/placement too.

Just picked up this signed Alice In Chains promo photo from someone who worked at Columbia at the time. I'm thinking it's one of the earlier signed promo photos

Real nice example congrats!!

Blink-182 Signed Poster Circa 2001.

John Agar original 1956 The Mole People still signed in ball point c. 1970 or so. Paper from this film is terribly hard - I spent more for my first original (unsigned) Mole People still than I did for this piece. I hope you like it. Yes, Agar is common, but not on this still. I loved this film since I was about 8. "...The Golden Rod of Ishtar..."

Hi again,

I recall when I was looking for an original '56 Mole People still I contacted Jerry Ohlinger (JOMMS) and he had a single still which I bought. Only one I had seen up till now. He had told me Nestor Paiva's (Etienne LaFarge in the film   ( "...we must have come down at least 200 feet!...") daughter had contacted him earlier looking for anything of her father. This paper is very tough. Like Invasion of the Body Snatchers only worse. Jerry also supplied my 1949 Sunset Blvd. still which is amazing (I'll be posting it and the new dated 1949 inscribed "Sunset Boulevard" signed 8x10 shortly) - the film was released in 1950 (all "regular" stills dated 1950) and my still shows the original unused ending shot 1949 before the January 1950 re-shoots! She was looking a little too crazy getting ready for the staircase seen in her bedroom. Hey, I thought this was about The Mole People? ;)

One of my all time favorite sci-fi films, 1971's The Andromeda Strain from the book by Michael Crichton.. Original single weight b/w still by Larry Barbier vintage-signed in black felt tip by Arthur Hill, who played Jeremy Stone.

Click for full image:

Another of my favorite sci-fi films - 1968's 2001: A Space Odyssey from the book by Arthur C. Clarke. Original b/w single weight publicity still by Kevin Bray of Captain David Bowman, vintage-signed in felt tip by Kier Dullea. I hope you like it :)

Click for full image:

New to the site - I've had a few nice finds over the last few months, but I guess I'll start by showing off one of my jewels.

To my knowledge, this is the only copy of Quincy's autobiography I've found or seen anywhere that was signed/dated in the month of publication (publication date was Oct. 9, 2001, according to the Amazon listing). I found this, sans dust jacket, at a Salvation Army in midtown Toronto and paid $1.50 for it. I am not sure who the "Diane" referred to in the inscription is, and the only information I could guess based on the detail in the book is that it either belonged to Diane Warren (the songwriter) or a Diane who worked with the Listen Up! Foundation in New York.

It has pride of place on one of my shelves.


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