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How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Dolph Lundgren 

A framing I’m proud of. 

Love this! Well done.

Thank you 


Paul McCartney 1960’s

cheers - what is that ? Milk?

That’s really a good looking signature!! 

Mission complete. One of several she signed for me this past weekend, and one of the new grails in my Atwood collection. Still as amazing as ever.

Excellent work once again.  I admire your dedication.


It was a solid function - she was very generous with her time this past weekend, but that has more to do with the fact that she just finished the publicity tour for Old Babes and wasn't limiting signatures to pre-signed bookplates (which is what she did last Tuesday for an event in Windsor, after initially saying she would sign - there were 600 attendees).

There were three or four other guests at the event who brought a bag of books to get signed like I did. One was an older man who brought a bunch of mid-80s stuff to get signed (and said he was a big fan), and another was sitting at my table and had the same mindset I do (buy books at thrift and get them signed). There was a lot of new and vintage stock from a local bookseller that got snapped up, and I grabbed a Can. copy of Old Babes that had a problem with the dust jacket (washed-out colours) that I got her to sign.

I'm guessing she signed anywhere from 300-400 books total. Like the Indigo event last year, a large number of attendees bought multiple copies of the same book (Handmaid's Tale paperback/Old Babes) with the intent to get them signed for family and friends.

We had a fun little talk about Edible Woman that had her admit that the book has been optioned for a film "about ten times", but that it has never been officially picked up for development.

I'll put up some more photos later - got a few interesting items, including a personal "grail" item I got her and another author to sign at the event.

Some more examples for you - I had her sign a number of high-priority items I'd brought, including a copy of her late husband's book The Bedside Book of Beasts and a Giller Prize anthology I'm hoping to get signed by all the finalists from the first 15 years of its existence.

You can see some interesting quirks throughout the signatures, which is why I tend to stress to friends of mine that there's a lot of variation in the way she signs. Depending on how charitable she feels, she'll either go super-small (like she did last year) or do giant signatures for her newer work. My signed Atwood count stands at 70 - I've essentially hit my 20-book goal for the year.


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