I've seen several Topps Star Wars cards signed by different actors including Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley and others. Some of these are being offered for crazy prices like over $3k or $4k, especially ones that are of limited runs like 5 or 10. Obviously, I understand that rarity can yield higher value. So the value of these cards is a combination of autograph value and card rarity. But when you have a Mark Hamill signed card limited to 10, and the another Hamill card limited to 10 simply in a slightly different pose, is the rarity really real? Will these cards hold their value...or is it simple manufactured rarity that really isn't a big deal?

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For example, this Daisy Ridley signed card is limited to 10, and is offered for $3500 OBO.

Seems absurdly high for a first name only autograph of a young woman who will likely be around for decades to come. 

Exactly...I love Daisy Ridley, but I'd be happier spending $300 and getting a nice 8x10.

Topps and other card companies have been doing this since the dawn of card collecting. You created a limited run of something, in this case an autographed card, and then you use that to incentivize people buying the packs because they have a chance to pull a 1/1 or 1/5 or 1/10 card. 

Since its 1/low number, people can ask pretty much whatever they want, which is what you see a lot of on ebay.. it doesn't necessarily mean the card is worth that much. It all comes down to what someone is willing to pay.

Right, I guess it's just a case of a seller hoping someone will think there's something special there and maybe offer $1500 or so. Then the seller says yes, and the buyer thinks...wow, I saved $2000 and there's only 10 of these in the whole world!
I saw another of these with it being Bonnie Priesse who played Luke's young aunt in the prequels. It was a 1/10, but the seller only wanted like $30 or something. Obviously, she's not as huge a star as Daisy, but it's still 1/10! You gotta love that manufactured rarity!

It's 1/10 until the next year when they do the next series. Then they have another ten. Rinse and repeat every year. They do the same thing with historical figures, sports, etc.

I don't know a single serious autograph collector that falls for this junk. Probably more aimed at card collectors. And even at that, the asking prices are typically absurd. 

Yes, very true. It's just a gimmick. And I would personally never buy a first-name only Daisy Ridley autograph since there are many full-name sigs out there.


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