I'm interested in knowing what started it all for you guys. For me it was a car show at Cashman Field in Las Vegas it had to be 1984. I was 8 years old. Present were some of the cast members of Knight Rider and Sorrell Booke the actor who played Boss Hogg on my favorite television show The Dukes of Hazzard. He sat on the stage in full character with a cigar doing a Georgia accent and everything and I got in line. I got up a Boss Hog with my picture and then I just would not shut the hell up haha. I stood next to Boss Hogg for a half an hour asking question after question after question while everybody else was getting their autographs from him. I probably screwed up the experience for half of that line but I didn't give a crap hahaha. He was sitting there talking to me in character as Boss Hog answering every single question is if he was talking to Rosco Coltrane and I couldn't get enough of it... That was it. It all started there for me.

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Pete Rose. He was at a baseball card show signing autographs. That was long before his gambling issues. 

Horse racing jockey Willie Shoemaker at Santa Anita racetrack back in 1976 was my first. Been hooked ever since.

I think David Byrne. Central Park, July 1990. I held his guitar. He wanted me to go in his cab with him - he stole my pen! I think 1990 was the year - this was the year I had wine with Audrey Hepburn at a table for two alone for some time, met Chris Walken and chatted...(he feigned knowing me)...much more...

Been thinking. I was at an early 1970's Apollo program/Grumman party with all the biggies. I was not old enough/smart enough to get sigs. To me, then, it wall free hot dogs, hamburgers, all...and I was stupid enough to sign up for a boxing match... this need and end? ;) KO. 

OK wake up man

Your first was 1990 or 1970's ?

That's a big time gap. You need some serious REM sleep my brutha

1970's Shawn. Grumman yearly anniversary party. On LI. That was the first opportunity to get sigs but I did not know enough. 

Well, I remember the first autograph I (or maybe my mom) ever paid for.  I was 10-years-old, and Mickey Mantle was signing autographs for a fee...$10 what a steal...at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, Kansas.  It was the summer of 1975.  I patiently waited in line and got the Mick to sign an old 1950s exhibit card...something like 5x7 in size.  That was pretty cool.

In-person was I believe John Mayberry, first baseman for the Royals in the early 70s.

my first autograph's I obtained on my own were from the Harlem Globetrotters on the program back in the early 70's. I was just a kid and got them pre-game as they sat in the stands. I'll never forget it 



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