Whats your rarest most hard to find rock n roll autograph in your collection?

Mine would be(as of now) a newspaper article from feb 1969 about the stones rock n roll circus signed by mick,keith,bill,charlie and BRIAN JONES at one of his few visits at olympic studios for the let it bleed sessions,the author of the article had it signed at olympic studios , a few visits it took to finally catch brian aroound march/april....right before he left the stones.

This is one of the last items Brian Jones has signed with the stones in 1969

It was purchased from Tracks UK with letters of prov.  it was expensive but well worth it.

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hard to beat my janis joplin....just saying


Waauw, thats nice, treasure it!

Drumhead signed by 9 punk icons:  Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten, Steve jones, Paul Cook and Glen Mattlock. Clash members Mick Jones and Paul Simonon. Ramones members Tommy ramone(+), CJ Ramone and Marky Ramone.

thanks stefaan

I do not own a rare rock and roll autograph, but my favorite rock and roll autographed piece of memorabilia in my collection is my Van Halen autographed A Different Kind of Truth CD.

2 signed clash posters.

Dennis Wilson ocean blue he adds Pray before his name.

You won that from Perry's auction? Congrats!

Thanks Ballroom.

Keep up the great work on forum.

Probably my john bonham

I am a Grateful Dead collector, among other things, and this is a pretty amazing piece that I recently acquired.  It is Jerry Garcia's AFTRA union membership card from 1979.  The actual card, which has perforations around its edge so that it can be removed from the larger license piece, has never been removed. This came directly from his former personal secretary.



That is REALLY cool. 




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