I'm pretty sure there is a thread on this already, but I cannot locate it.

Since Caiazzo isn't authenticating besides his own stuff, who is the go to company or person to authenticate Beatles autographs?  Any suggestions is appreciated.


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Hi sorry to bother you but you seem very knowledgeable about all things Beatles signed, 

i recently purchase a Paul mccartney autographed item and it passed Epperson’s quick opinion and I recently had it fully authenticated by BAS Steve grad works for them now, my question is even though it already has a full coa letter from Beckett would you recommend me to send to Epperson as well? Reason I went to Beckett is because I went to a show in person and didn’t have to send it in 

thanks for any advice in advance 

I would advise you to start a new discussion and post an image of the Macca signed item.

Sorry friend didn’t mean to step out of line here on this  thread, new to this site 

You didn’t step out of line at all. It would help to see the item, and you’ll probably get more interest with a new discussion.

PSA will also authenticate Beatles autographs but not cheap -- so you better be sure it's real before submitting.  If you post here you'll get some expert opinions first.  Roger Epperson might be a less expensive alternative but some people won't buy anything without that PSA magic sticker.

I believe Epperson does all Beatles band-signed pieces for JSA these days, but I don't know for sure. I would simply ask if he'll be on it. Epperson will do an online opinion for $15, if you want to know what he'll likely say before you pay for full authentication with him or JSA. Unlike PSA/DNA, it doesn't have to be offered for sale to get a quick opinion.

oops.  I meant PSA, who is their lead authenticator for Beatles?


Perry should do it for you, depends on what you want authenticated.

No he won't -- Perry will ONLY AUTHENTICATE stuff he sells. He will no longer (as of several years) issue COAs for other people's items. Probably due to litigation fears.

Daniel, what exactly are you trying to prove here?  thjs is a thread about where to go to authenticate Beatles autographs. Since Caiazzo, Cox and Tracks do not authentic anything other than their own, that basically leaves Roger, JSA and PSA.  Are you saying that with your baited request to Roger, you would now discount him as a reliable source for authenticating Beatles items?  I am just trying to put this into perspective.

I'm not trying to prove a thing. Of course I don't discount him as a reliable source for authenticating Beatles items. I have a lot of respect to Roger. I was the first here who wrote his name in the thread.


To beat an authenticator up because they didn't feel comfortable calling a markedly irregular autograph genuine is uncalled for. 


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