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I am having a tough time trying to figure out which Autograph companies are trustworthy. I think Autograph World is fine. RR Auctions seems ok but kind of pricey. I have my doubts about AACS...I've seen a lot of questionable things there. Can anyone give me there opinion about any of these dealers? I'm mainly interested in Music Autographs.

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I would not trust AACS as many of their autographs are questionable. Mind you, these are not autograph companies, just dealers/auctions with autographs for sale. Besides RR, Huggins and Scott, Alexander Autographs, Lelands, Regency, Premier, Signature House. Heritage, and American Memorabilia are online auction houses with pretty good reputations. Some are more expense then others, depending on the rarity and what you are seeking. Good luck.


Regarding AACS, my friend noticed that they were selling a Brandon Lee autographed photo from the film, "The Crow," which was not even completed when Lee died while filming it. But I have bought some items from them when I see that the signatures look like those I've seen before from other sellers. My best experiences have been with LCG Signatures in California; JG Autographs in Massachusetts; Star-Shots, a small mom and pop type operation in Florida, where the owner was extremely helpful in teaching me about buying safely when I first began about ten years ago; and R & R Auctions. When I buy from any of the above, I feel 99% sure I've got the real deals. Star-Shots is often the least expensive. With R & R Auction, there are extra fees that bring the prices up substantially.
The EAGLES autographs (music not the football team) from LCG Signatures are in my opinion all not authentic.
Doesn´t make me feel too comfortable about their other stuff....
As far as Star-Shots is concerned, I'm not sure about 10 years ago, but I just checked out their site recently (which is how I came to find this thread) and comparing a lot of their graphs with my IP ones, and in my personal opinion, I don't believe them to be genuine. If others could go on their site to prove me either right or wrong, I would appreciate it.

Hi Greg.  They have been pretty solid eBay sellers for a quite a few years. I do know they do buy and sell collections so like most that do that there will be the good, the bad and the ugly in the mix.  A lot of their "vintage" stuff I have looked and most seems good.  I do not like the Jackie Gleason though.  The other three look fine. James Whitmore looks good.  The Star Trek ones I do not know well enough but would want someone with better expertise to take a look before I bought.  Were the ones you had questions on modern ones or more older? 

It's not unusual for a dealer to be pretty good on vintage autographs but fall apart on modern celebrities.

Is Premier the one from the UK?
Thanks for your input. It can get frustrating sometimes trying to sort the good dealers from the bad ones. You could spend a lot of time just trying to research these dealers to determine if they are reputable or not. I am also curious about Iconic Memorabilia? Has anyone bought from them?
As far as Eagles autographs (the band, not the FB team), ALWAYS ask when and where. Then you can verify it with website dates on their past tours while giving weight to anything signed "on the road" by all 4 in the past 10 years. Please use that as a start, when judging if they are real. Be VERY VERY skeptical on anything signed "complete" by any of that band. BTW, if they tell you Don Felder signed LP's, etc... during his book tour, that most likely is a lie. I went to 3 of the 5 signings here in L.A., and personally know people who went to 3 back east. At NONE of these signings did he sign anything but his book. ~~~~~~~~ I give FREE opinions on any Eagles signatures from any era simply by emailing me.
Stephen Duncan
Jennifer, I can tell you to stick with Signed, Sealed & Delivered, AKA Roger Epperson. Great person to deal with! Also R&R.

For in person autographs I deal with these people, JG Autographs, and Signature Pieces AKA Autograph world. And last on Ebay there is a dealer that goes by the name vipautographsinc AKA John Brennan. These in person dealers are very honest and reputable people and know there name is on the line so if there are any problems, of which I never had, they would get resolved.

Just to report a recent experience with JG Autographs.  They had an eBay listing for an ALS by William H. Prescott.  I put in a bid of about half what I was willing to pay.  There were only two other very low bidders after several days, so I took a more careful look at the item.  It was not an ALS but a printed item. I sent a message asking if that were true, and that if it was true, then please cancel my bid.  They replied that it was true.  It was not an ALS, but claimed they could not cancel my bid.  I told them they could.  Finally they did, giving the reason that I wanted out of the bid.  Nothing about the listing being in error.  In fact, the erroneous listing stayed up.  That they kept up what they knew was a misleading listing and lied about my reason for my bid being cancelled, made me lose all confidence in their items, many of which are just signatures and are very difficult to confirm as real, without any provenance or supporting documentation.  Just a factual report as to what my experience was, but I urge all to be careful



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