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Only if you bid ;) Who is doing the stealing...well.

Gallery phone number not even in service...was hoping to discuss 'forensics" and how many of these there actually are...

It's a total scam -- I'm sure they know it's a fake as well. I've reported it to Ebay -- let's see if they remove it. 

me too :)

The only way that this could be signed by all four would be if the forger lost one of his fingers.

Seller - "I am fascinated at your knowledge of the quantity of collectible items throughout the world. I have been in the collectibles business for 35 years and I do authentications for Christie’s, Sotheby’s and others, as well as appearing on various television show dealing with authentication of rare collectibles. However since I am the Seller of this item I had is authenticated by other reputable authentication experts. This particular piece has been certified authentic by Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators LLC, Stephen Richie - GFAA-808711.
There are quite a few of these in existence but only few have surfaced thus far. Auction houses are notorious for misinformation as to the scarcity of items they offer, but if there is only one (there isn’t) this is it and what was previously sold can’t be real. Of course that is not the case. I hope this helps give you a bit of the education you need when it comes to the collectibles industry."

My reply...heh. Another time.

Well, I have just been informed I do not have any knowledge, I myself have been the victim of a huge scam to inflate prices, that I do not recognize the PARAGON that is Drew Max, or Antiquities, or the genius of he who invented forensics, Mr. Rocchi. Oh well. What do I know, right? ;)

 Well that certainly explains it - just think how hard it was to find 4 guys with the same names as the Beatles and then get them to sign an Lp. The odds of that happening are astronomical which makes the $100k seem like a bargain!!!

Since there are "quite a few" in existence then it should be an easy matter to show the verifiable provenance of more than just this one:


Anybody else think the double sided framing is odd?

Aren't they supposed to show the cert? Roachy (of pardon my poor spelling ;) ) and Drew Maxxx...


The Loooons are out this holiday season.


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