Do any of AL members know who this is.

Thanks. Mike

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Thanks terrier8HOF,

A short reply which I assume means you don't know who this is. That's fine as I like people to be honest and to the point.


I tried the other night - same results. Those sort of cards with the white bottom and his clothes and hair suggest mid 1940-ish. Is that live ink? At the time mentioned there were some remarkable preprints/facsimiles such as those from Vivien Leigh and Olivier and through the blur this is suggested a little to me anyway.

Thanks Eric,

Sorry I have not replied sooner but have been studying for a test and just come back online at AL.  It's live ink / real but just can't find who it is.  Might try FB to see if anyone knows.

Thanks for your reply and information which is a start.

Regards Mike

My pleasure to try and help, Michael. I hope you get somewhere with this mystery man.

Thanks Eric.

This guy looks so familiar, like from a 50’s family tv show.  I hope you figure out who it is, I would like to know too.

Yes that's what I think to.

Thanks Steve.

Hi.  That's Carroll Levis.

Carroll Levis
1910 - 1968

Canadian-born and a former Canadian radio announcer who set up his touring stage show, Carroll Levis and His Discoveries, which was aired on TV in 1954 as 'The Carroll Levis Show'. The show introduced new talent, each show having a winner chosen by audience response in the form of applause measured by the 'Clapometer'.


Just wondering, did you know that and if not what led you to who it was?

I would love to brag that I'm good and knew who it was... but I'm not. Lol

I spend so much time researching stuff, I think I've become a pro at it  :-)

Took a stab at the last name + actor, and found a photo which led me to the rest.

Luck has a lot to play in it... 




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