This is just a general question really, who do you think right now will make a good investment for 50 years?

Now let me rephrase, I don't mean The Beatles or Elvis. I mean more modern artists. Will Radiohead be a band that will be worth what The Stones are worth right NOW in 50 years? Who would be a good modern band to invest in now?

Who will stand the test of time?

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I agree with nearly all listed (being a brit I lean towards Oasis, Radiohead and Muse). I think more pop mainstream as well like Coldplay, 1-D, Adele, Slim Shady (though I fear my head being kicked in for calling him mainstream!), bigger fanbase equals more money?

don't forget jay z-slim shady is so right on

I would also add diane birch

Yep, Jay Z and Mrs.

Adam you need to take Lizzie bravo out on a date and she will educate you.

Ha, if this were the 60's and I wasn't married...for sure!

Lizzie would slap you and say Beatles forever, no other bands count!

I think Jack White is a smart investment, as long as the signature isn't just a scribble. That is also part of the problem. So many of these artists don't actually sign, they just put a few lines together.
I agree wth radiohead being a creeper, theyare really popular.
Hopefully we see a reunion from oasis, i miss those jerks. Noel couldn't fill a marquee when he was out here.
There are many Australian bands that would blow the pants of many bands who crimp their hair before they play.

Here's my jack with last name.

Nice Jack White, about as full of a signature as you'll ever get for him.

Here's my Radiohead.

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I recall being at  Radiohead concert with the Gallagher brothers, Madonna, Stipe, Kravitz and others behind me. It was a .... of a show! Front Rows.


curious, bu do did Australians listen to same music Aemicans did in 60s, 70s qnd 80s?




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