so popular among Star Wars fans?

Apparently because of Boba's "cult of personality", Fett, it would appear, cannot really be considered a minor character in Star Wars lore. Consequently, many Star Wars fans apparently consider him a must-have autograph.

Any thoughts?

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In fact, interestingly, Zen Pinball even made an individual Boba Fett virtual pinball table. They didn't do that for Lando or Greedo or Jabba the Hutt, or even the Emperor. So what's with the Fett fan club?
He has:

Cool Armor, Cool Ship (Slave 1) Bounty Hunter, Not alot of lines (but are memorable) he also has all the alien chicks all over him in Jabbas palace, plus he has a jet pack.

Now this being said, the prequel movies ruined him...Made him a clone..He didn't need to have a backstory, and if you were to give him a backstory he deserves one better than basically a stormtrooper. However Lucas screwed up Vader as a kid too.
So in other words, doesn't suck to be Boba Fett!

Not to mention Jeremy Bulloch (who plays Boba Fett) is one of the nicest, fan friendly actors in all of Star Wars.

That helps.

It all started with his appearance in The Star Wars Holiday Special back in 1978, and the release of his vintage action figure back in 1979.  He appeared in a cartoon on The Star Wars Holiday Special, and his vintage action figure was initially available as a mail-away action figure.  Many fans were actually disappointed with the character when he appeared in The Empire Strikes Back.

Great info, Mike. Thanks!

Consequently, many Star Wars fans apparently consider him a must-have autograph.

Speaking strictly to this point, a lot of SW collectors are completionists. There are plenty out there who view "third Stormtrooper from the left" as a must get autograph. Even if you only have 5 seconds of screen time, there are going to be a bunch of people wanting to throw money at you to write your name on their stuff. The number of Lightning Bear, Hal Walmsley, etc. signatures out there speak to this point.

Beyond that, Jeremy Bulloch is among the cheapest of the accessible SW actors. There are Stormtroopers who don't beat his prices. And, as mentioned, he's just an all around nice guy to meet. Contrasted with, say, Peter Mayhew, Jeremy Bulloch is the kind of guy you really don't mind giving your money to.

Tying both together, Fett was in some of the more iconic ESB scenes, such as the Carbon Chamber. So Bulloch being accessible, affordable, and good conversation to boot, combined with the character being individually recognizable from some fairly well known scenes, puts him in the "get" category of a number of collectors.

That's assuming, of course, that you're talking about Bulloch. If you're actually asking about Daniel Logan, then I'm just as confused as you are.



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