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Enjoy it guys, really loved the first album, hopefully this one will also be a banger.

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there is exactly 1 copy in stock at newbury and i'm guessing it will be gone before anyone see this, but just in case


Nope, still there :)

yeah they actually hid it further down the page so you would have to scroll down to see it so that's probably why, I almost snagged it but after the Alice Cd and vinyl yesterday i figured i needed to slow down lol

Plenty of them at his shows

yeah these didn't seem that hard to get but wasn't sure if anyone missed out

Signed on the jacket? 

I'm sure more will pop up from returns because of false advertising. I scored the firecracker version on his site. Kept my Newbury order hoping it was a jacket. After finding out it would actually be a print as well, I thought for sure Id cancel but then learned about some doodles he made on the backs of some of the prints. 

I'm undecided on what I want to do with my orange version. Possible return but I do like a fun gamble.. 

Ended up opening my tangerine LP from Newbury. Insert is signed in full, not a scribble. 

Yet another Newbury restock,  15 left at the moment


With a $7 markup.

Is it me or has vinyl become much more expensive in the past 2 years? 

This guy has really grown on me this year but probably won't be buying mammoth III and beyond. Im set for life with the 1st LP signed jacket I scored earlier and these prints. 

After binging this album for over a month, I can confidently say that this is my #1 album of 2023. It's a blast from start to finish, literally. 

Now I'm waiting for the new Static-X, Duff McKagan, Black Stone Cherry, as well as compiling a check-list for all the albums from 2023 I haven't heard (CMF2, A7X, Rival Sons, Greta, etc.), so I can hear them until the end of the year \m/



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