Worst Artists Signatures (so you know who not to buy from in the future)

On the back of a bunch of really useful threads, especially the autopen artists, I thought it'd be nice to have in one place a list of poor signatures, lazy autographs or even dots (yes, you Lady Gaga). Please only write down the artist name and if it is a plain letter, ghost signed or just very lazy sig.

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I’m still not sure if the level of ego there was infuriating or hilarious. 

Hardly a surprise. He played a 140 cap venue in Chicago a few years ago, and they couldn’t give away the tickets.

The Black Keys are scribblers. In my opinion, Grohl gets too much of a pass for his ugly sig.

Not a big fan of Brad Dourif Sig !

I’ve just come to accept that autographs will continue to get worse and worse.  I’ll still buy the ones I want as long as they keep away from the autopen and ghost signers!

edit: to answer the question though, the Corey Taylor CMFT albums were terrible, not much more than Lady Gaga’s L signature

Marcus Mumford’s recent offerings was pretty much just and M with a wavy line. 

Charlie Puth secretarial CP comes to mind

Down Duran and Anthony Ramos come to mind.

Duran Duran as a collective whole, not terrible.

anthony ramos - terrible

Nikki Six
Seth Rogan
Vince Neil
Kevin Hart
Caroline Polachek
John Cena
Imagine Dragons signatures were underwhelming but really only 2 of 4
Backstreet boys are terrible compared to what they once were but overall i guess still decent 
Disturbed new signed inserts seem lazy

The list can go on forever but those come to mind right now

Oh come on Seth’s S’s were hilarious. What do you expect from a professional stoner.

id rather a carefully done giant massive S than some of the other nonsense.



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