This was signed just before the Beatles' last live, paid show - August 1966, Candlestick Park.

Ringo rates a 1, maybe less. Would you have Ringo re-sign, thereby making him twice as strong as the next strongest graph?  Would it ruin the ball's mojo?

Especially if you would only get "Ringo" out of him, not "Ringo Starr", would you pursue this or would you let it be?

Here's the link:

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Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

Let it be, let it be...oh oh, yeah, let it be...Joe W speaks words of wisdom.

Nah...It's a moment frozen in time...leave it...

I would not ask Ringo to sign it again. The Ringo is greatly faded but complete. I would talk to restoration experts about restoring his signature to no more than a 4-5, and discuss it with Beatles specialists before you do it.

I'm not that familiar with restoration processes, but I'd recommend that it be restored in a way that doesn't apply new ink in a way that hides the original pressure and flow of the signature.


I don't think it's possible to restore it without new ink

You're probably right, but there may be ways to add ink that do not disturb signing characteristics. 

I saw that Tom Fontaine had a similar ball with the same problem with Ringo. He got Ringo restored. It may be a solution; it's someone to give thought to.  In my mind, it comes close to tracing, which is not an option.

Here it is:

Good luck getting Ringo to sign any item (except his own books, artwork, etc) as to quote the great drummer " I don't sign anymore AND YOU KNOW THAT!"   

Agree with the others, you have next to no chance of getting Ringo to resign and even if by some miracle you did he would only sign ‘Ringo’

He is consistent with this policy, some years ago he had a ‘house cleaning’ and auctioned many items, one of them was an early poster signed very nicely by the other three but not signed by him at the time. He did sign it before the auction but only as ‘Ringo’, no attempt to make his signature appear contemporary.

I spoke with a manager of Ringo's. Through him, and, of course, a donation, Ringo may be open to it.  What wasn't discussed, however, is whether he would sign "Ringo" or "Ringo Starr".  How much money is involved would probably answer the question. 

Despite this possibility, I accept the advice given on here and the advice I have heard before: don't get it re-signed. I thank everyone for your input.

What are everyone's thoughts on restoration, as Tom Fontaine did to his Beatles ball?

I see no problem with a restoration.

Any more thoughts on the pros or cons of restoration? 



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