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Just logged in and saw this.   This looks to be pencil on a lithograph?

I thought the same thing. 

It's extremely neat and doesn't seem very spontaneous. 

Might be a stretch to think that he signed something like that in pencil.  Pencil is a good cover for people who create signatures that are meant to be of this age.  Harder to get a sense of aging with pencil as opposed to ink.

... Of course... that could be just my cynicism coming out 😉

Here is one from RR Archives:

Thank you for the sample. I appreciate it. 

There's also some odd flow issues at those fold lines (if graphite flows).  My suspicion would be that someone created that signature partially over the prior fold lines.  It's tiny but that's what it looks like to me even given the quality of this image of the piece.

I thought those were plate impressions?

Yes, plate impressions.

Thanks. Yes, those would be very unusual folds!

Post the entire piece.

My thoughts as well.

Yes, it's hard from just this image to see exactly what is going on with this piece...the large it  is.....etc..


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