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This the exact item offered - 1908 engraved campaign poster:

It is also plate signed by William Henry Warren Bicknell:

So far, all of the live pencil W.H.W. Bicknell signatures I have seen are cursive but he employs block letters in the plate:

And the OP:

Two RR, OP and another example from another copy of the same engraving. The RR's differ in a few ways. Bicknell signed this in the plate but not in the image likely because he knew he would not be doing so in pencil as usual. The question becomes why not a plate signature for Bryan? Is it reasonable to believe Bryan signed all these 1908 campaign posters? I think these posters are "secretarial"

excellent info. I appreciate it.

No problem :-)

Here is a photograph of the subject at the same time in the same coat:

Another RR that supports my conclusion IMO:

As I said at the beginning of this thread, extremely neat and not very spontaneous.  And that was looking at a slightly cockeyed angled, bit of a partial image of the piece which is apparently under shrink wrap (according to the listing).  Seeing the whole piece now seems to confirm that.  Best to pass, imho.

Those are not the main features that eliminate this. It is form. Indeed pass. 

I didn't mean to imply that those were the features that would eliminate it.  If I was unclear, I meant that that' the tiny section is all we were given as an image.  Even what I could see at the beginning eliminated it for me personally.  Reread what I wrote just above, please.


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