Classic!!! Approved by "Senior Luxury???" Looks like a "senior" signed this!!!

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Well I’d say Frank, Roger and Paul Wane will need to up their service if they want to compete with the Luxury Boys!!!  

Don't forget Perry Cox!!!

"It must be real!" - Milos Formann

"...6 digit serial number used to match HISTORY RECORDS, in some cases 150 years old..." 

None of that nonsense answers the actual question "how?" they raise re items changing hands. A simple scan of the item would be better than this idiocy. 

ive now seen them all

Told 'Ya!!!

And here's where the top secret authentication happens- 4150 Main St, West Columbia, SC. If you look closely the third tree from the left is actually the camouflaged Suite 204 where the Senior Luxury authentication magic is performed by the... err... qualified 150 yr old squirrels?

The ONLY thing we can do is locate the previous owner,,,,Mason De Leores of Miami...and ask him!!!

Mason De Lordes the III, you mean. LOL This S*** is so funny it's side splitting.

I could have done a better job on those autographs when I was an E4G. Erratic 4th grader.

I don't understand, but the numbers match?

I stand corrected!!!

The writing style of this COA is a low IQ moron attempt at writing something that sounds "official."

But the autographs are so fluid!  I mean there’s not a hint of hesitation in those autographs at all.  You can tell that their autograph experts are above reproach.  Now this TPA gives me confidence.


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