Would like to know what you think on this John Lennon signed Double Fantasy albumIMG_20230101_023324.jpg.      IMG_20230101_023756.jpg

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Here’s one for comparison. What do you think?

I would have to say good , couldn't make an argument against it , except for the bottom of the J, but still.

Hmmm I think it is quite clear what we have here.  The forger saw the image that Ballroom posted and made a poor attempt at copying it.  The OP example is slowly drawn, clumsy and signed with a marker that is trying to hide the obvious flaws in the forgers attempt.  Just about everything is wrong with this even the drawings  are horribly wrong.  What are the odds that John signed two Double Fantasy covers with the salutation “To Someone & Friends”!!!  Not very likely.  I hope you didn’t buy this because it’s  most definitely not genuine.  

Look at the song titles in the OP.  It looks like a solvent was used to wipe up some errant writing which removed some print.  Ooops !!!

YES its probably the forger wiping away his previous attempts !

But clearly Just like 'Starting Over' again & again .

I Don't like the look of this too , there's a few out there but in this case id say Fake Fantasy  .

What is this signed with? Grease pencil? 

Bear in mind that forgers love pencil and grease pencil. You can sign much more slowly without the obvious bleeding an ink pen would show. 

One of the left is legit...

Solvent used to wipe away handwriting on a PAPER record album cover that's colored , LMAO , ? A solvent would not just smear the writing in blue , it would have smeared every color in the album cover , not to mention damage the hell out of it , come on now ...smh

This os glossy paper and solvent work well, I often use them to clean rare LP covers but will always try on a small piece.

Also for the record , Lennon signed a lot of these same albums with the salutation- " To someone and friends " , also could you please point out the so called starts and stops you are referring to , because I can't find any. Had Beckett do a signature review and they could not render an opinion and gave me refund .



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