Hi guys I am trying to win this beautifully signed Zep 2 album.I am not starting this thread to talk about authenticity.As we can all see,it is legit.Why I am starting this thread is to get opinions on what it's worth.I will come clean and say that I am currently the high bidder on the album for 12669.00 before bp .15500.00 is around what it comes to after the bp.This one can go a lot higher imo.Any insight as to value would be appreciated.My threshold is close,what can this one get up to???

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Sorry guys I posted this in the wrong forum.Steve if you can move it that would be great.

Looks like it's in the right place now, Paul. Thanks for mentioning it.

Thanks Steve
Hi Paul. It's a beautiful piece IMHO, from right at the end of their heyday, and only very slightly let down by Page being in red, but other than that they are great sigs. I think you will have seen at least 3 albums sell in the past year, and I believe all went for around $25k with commission. So that should give you an idea.
I know Nate,looking for a steel.I don't think it's gonna happen.I was also thinking at least 25k.It is very nice.You almost wish Jimmy didn't use the red,but it's not a deal breaker.
Yes, definitely not a deal breaker, it's a beautiful piece and in a way the red works ok due to the colours on the cover. For various reasons it's probably my favourite of those that have sold recently. Good luck with it.
Thanks Nate.I kow what you mean.It definitely is the nicest one I've seen come.up in a while.don't k ow how high I'll go.I'll let u k ow how I make out.

This will definitely not be a steal as it is an amazing item. Maybe go for between 25-30 grand with commission?  Most of the big bids come in late at RR Auctions. 

I know Bruce, the 30 minute rule could go for a while with it.I really want it but I have to show discipline with this one.If I get caught up in the moment I can really do some damage .lol
Took high bid again at 15330.00 comes out to 18700.00 after bp.You guys are right...this is going to keep going for a while.this I believe is my last bid.

Great sigs, love the red actually for this cover and variety, but that gouge appears to go through all the way in the middle - how much harder is estimating a value as the OP wishes with a nearly centrally placed gouge/hole on an otherwise superb item? 

What is going to make it overpriced, is what you pay extra on auctions. I mean...paying over 20% to RR...is going to make it where you didn't get something that's a good investment, but...if it's a piece you love, do it anyway.



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