Zepp II LP -- all 4 sigs w/ Epperson COA on ebay up for bids

Not a good photo of the sigs but will the Epperson COA make you bid with confidence?


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Seller had this listed at a set sale price for over $30,000 I believe -- so I'm sure the reserve is close to that. I'm guessing it will not come close to the reserve and not sell. 

Definitely watching this one

Good to know.
My guesstimate reserve was 10K
This is definitely an interesting one to watch.

Isn't this the very same album that was at the center of the Michael Johnson lawsuit against Epperson? The one that PSA wouldn't certify?

That's what I was thinking!

OH OH !!!!
Houston we have a problem, shut down all engines.

Can anyone say for certain the story of this item?

T minus 4 days and counting lol

great post Adam thanks

I see Roger Epperson stands tall on this item as 100% Legit.

But there are still doubts in the air.

I'm not comfortable with it now.

Clearer pic

I reached out to the seller.  He/She i fully aware of the lawsuit and and the fact the PSA failed it, and is willingly not disclosing.  I was threatened when pointing this out.  "I will see you down the road"...i take it that was not for a beer.

The funny part is, I wouldn't be suprised if PSA would pass it now.

I seem to recall PSA acknowledging that they had made a mistake in failing this one. Is that not the case?



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