This may be my first time posting in this dedicated group. How popular are Andy Griffith Show signed toys? Any idea of value? I have this Don Knotts signed miniature Mayberry police car.


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Nice with the little b/w image!

Thank you for posting this I always like to see things like this. This certainly has wide collecting appeal.These cars were packaged with the "collector" card showing different things sometimes just Andy. This one having Barney in the photo and him signing it would be more than were he to just sign one that showed Andy alone. It is unfortunate Beckett put the sticker where it did instead of the blank area at the top left. Value is one of those areas that is just going to depend on the person. Of the major 4 cast members Don Knotts is the least expensive but his prices have risen since his death.  He signed in a good place. I am terrible with prices because I pay so little attention to them.  The price you have is not unreasonable in my view though it is probably top end.  

That's a lot of valuable insight, Scott. Thank you. I didn't realize that was a collector card! 

I don't know the value, but I didn't find any more of these listed so I priced it by gut. 

All the TPAs place stickers more conspicuously than I would. Then again, I don't like stickers period. 

Steve, first off I wanted to say thanks for stopping by our small neck of the woods. Its an honor. Scott is our leader and what he says is right on the mark. So what he tells you, you can take to the bank. I didn't notice this, is it for sale. While I personally have quite a few signed pieces from the cast, I am starting a collection for my one year old grandson. Pieces like this would be the type of items I am looking for. Either way its a nice piece.

Hi Frank,

I'm honored that Scott and all of you have chosen our site for your Andy Griffith group—it's interesting and takes me back.

I read a lot of what's posted, but since I know almost nothing about the autographs, I follow Mr. Ed: I don't speak unless I have something to say.

Here's the link to the piece on eBay:

If you're interested, PM me here on AML and I'll offer it to you at a good discount.

I like this it’s diffrrent! Most of the cast passed away before the getting toys signed  craze came along! I know a couple guys who have multi signed 1/24 scale cars but still in the pack package you just don’t see to often. Value is tough gotta find that niche collector that likes these. My gues would be the $35-$40 range maybe more if someone is really interested and willing to pay!! Thanks for posting Steve!! 

Thanks, Tim! It's hard to tell value, of course, but I haven't seen these. Whether Don signed a lot of them at the Hollywood Collectors Show, where this was signed, I don't know. 

I'm asking $149 on eBay. It's been up for a week and has had a lot of views, but no offers yet. We'll see!




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